Thursday, October 31, 2013

iPromoteSapphire | An innovative new way to make money in Las Vegas | Sapphire Las Vegas

iPromoteSapphire | Sapphire Las Vegas | Get Paid To Play

iPromoteSapphire has taken the nightclub promotion industry by surprise by offering a creative, unique and innovative solution to one of the most widely used methods of generating customers at popular nightclubs around the world.

Have you ever wondered how effective one promoter is compared to another?  Have you ever wished you could determine what geographic area, or time of day is most effective for advertising?  How about trying to accurately quantify the number of guests a particular person is responsible for in a given time period?  These are just a few of the basic problems that iPromoteSapphire has solved.  If you expect such a solution to be difficult to implement, expensive and cumbersome, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Not only does iPromoteSapphire offer simple solutions to the above mentioned problems, from real time reporting to promoters and the businesses they promote - to dynamic QR code integration used to track printed promotional materials and text messages back to the event or promoter that distributed them. takes it a few big steps further.

The team behind iPromoteSapphire, Daniel Graham, Brett Talla & Troy Arnold (VegasGoodBuys) has an interesting perspective on a new shift in the way businesses are and should be advertising. Traditional business models include B to B (business to business) and B to C (business to customer).  They believe that because of the "network effect", a new business model is emerging C to C (customer to customer).  iPromoteSapphire encourages users to build and manage teams, turning one promoter into an average of 3.  Now, promoters aren't only given the tools to advertise the business, they can advertise the business opportunity.  This has resulted in promoters training, and recruiting other promoters.  Because promoters are given the opportunity to work with their friends and acquaintances, they are spending more time working, and showing far greater productivity.  

As per the advice of Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook, the team at has pursued a mobile first strategy, noting that promoters by definition are always "on the go" and need the ability to work efficiently from anywhere and everywhere.   Submitting reservations, communicating with others, contacting the venue with questions, sending invitations and more have all been made incredibly easy from any smart-phone or mobile device.  

There are so many amazing features within the iPromoteSapphire system that my laptop is running low on battery.  Give it a try, it's free, easy, and addicting to be honest. Find out more at

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