Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sapphire Las Vegas Launches New iPromote Promoter Network

In today’s Las Vegas nightlife industry there’s a new company that’s challenging some of the more traditional methods of marketing and advertising. has a unique new mobile application that promises to deliver quantifiable results that are outstanding to say the least.  

Members of the free productivity driven website are given access to a growing set of tools that add efficiency, professionalism and service to their business just moments after setup.  Examples of these tools include real-time notifications and reservation updates, accounting, team-building tools and a messaging platform that promises to give its users a crystal ball into their operations.

Sapphire Las Vegas is one of the most popular nightclubs in Las Vegas with over 75,000 sq ft of entertainment 7 days a week.  A portion of Sapphire’s thousands of weekly guests are driven by independent hosts that are compensated based on the volume of guests they’re able to drive to the venue. These hosts how have access to a brand new software that can instantly drive up the number of customers these hosts deliver with a fraction of the effort.  

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  1. Sapphire is one of the popular Las Vegas Nightclubs. Good luck to you guys on the launch of you mobile app. The hosts should do fine with an app that will help them drive up their number of customers.