Friday, November 1, 2013

iPromoteSapphire announces an incredible new feature for promoters and guests

iPromoteSapphire - Sapphire Las Vegas - iPromoteVegas has quickly taken the promotion industry in Las Vegas by storm, attracting the attention of promoters and venue owners by producing thousands of guests at Sapphire Las Vegas in record time.

Today iPromoteSapphire has announced a new key feature that is sure to increase the turnout for any promoter using the system.

When using iPromoteSapphire to create a new reservation, the guest will receive an instant text message that includes the reservation details, as well as the Sapphire Las Vegas hotline in case changes need to be made.  This small upgrade has the potential to decrease the number of spontaneous reservations that don't end up resulting in guest attendance.

The problem that was identified by the iPromoteSapphire team, was that guests that are put on the VIP list for attendance typically get a phone call from a number they do not recognize often hours after they've made a reservation.  Because they don't answer the call, they miss the opportunity to attend and the venue misses the prospective customer.

The iPromoteSapphire team hopes that using this system, and decreasing the "No Show" reservations will help to create an environment in which the number of reservations in a given night is a more accurate representation of the number of guests that will actually attend the venue.

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